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Fair Prices

KoRo is to become Europe' s No. 1 supplier of long-life food: from producer to consumer – without detours.

Our story began with Prof. Dr. Faltin and his book "Head beats Capital". For us he is not only an inspiration, but is also considered as the founding father of our company. His ideas approaches, concepts and ideas for setting up a company are decisive for KoRo. Only recently we met him and were able to ask him a few questions in an interview. 

From this, we have derived  5 basic principles for KoRo that determine our actions and affect suppliers and consumers alike: 

1. Quality

Quality is our highest priority. We want you to be satisfied and therefore pay attention to taste, feeling in the mouth, appearance, ingredients, organic cultivation and more. For example, we do not use sulphur in our dried fruits and can still guarantee a shelf life of up to twelve months - nature makes it possible.

2. Short Trade Routes 

Our goal is to buy all products in their origin. We start with one product at the wholesaler to test the frequency and relevance in the market. If we find that the product has a high demand, we shorten the product's trade route.

We learn much more about a product, whose production processes we document in our shop and make accessible to you. In addition, we can further develop and improve products at product level, such as a product's moisture or shelf life, together with our farmers and producing companies.

Direct feedback is also important for our business partners. Consumers are usually mercilessly honest. This is the only way to improve products. As a company, we strengthen our business relationships and can build up a large supplier network to offer farmers and consumers a platform for a direct exchange about the products.  

3. Bulk Packaging 

For us, it doesn't make sense to send small packages over the internet. If these are products that you regularly use in your kitchen anyway, it is only reasonable to offer them in bulk.

The flexibility in packaging also benefits the cooperation with our farmers, as they work with the simplest means and often cannot even produce expensive small packaging.

For us, it is important that the product is in the foreground, not the colourful printed packaging. Because at the end of the day, that's exactly what you're interested in. Bulk packs also have the advantage that they mean less packaging waste and even reduce the workload for filling. They are ideal for online shipping because they can be delivered directly to your home. 

4. Fair Prices

The KoRo concept can and will only work if we pass on our cost savings resulting from the above principles directly to you. Quality must be affordable.

Especially in this day and age, we are aware that it is easy to compare similar products from different suppliers. That is why it is KoRo's goal to be able to offer a fair price-performance ratio for all our products. Every consumer must be able to rely on KoRo to take care of the price comparison process so that customers can be sure that they have chosen the best shopping option. 

5. Transparency and open Communication

The demands for good quality food are increasing more and more. That is why KoRo has set itself the goal of openly communicating the path of the product through essential factors such as price, composition and characteristics to the consumer, so that everyone can make up their own mind about the products.

It is important to understand why products fluctuate in price. Therefore, KoRo has developed a separate price development graph for each product, which openly communicates the reason for the price development. In addition, we publish the residue analyses of all products on our product detail pages so that it is proven that we comply with the common and necessary requirements in Europe and that our products are marketable.