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Juices 19 Article

Organic pure ginger juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£11.33 / 1 litre)

£34.00 £11.33 per 1 litre
Organic pomegranate juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£5.33 / 1 litre)

£16.00 £5.33 per 1 litre
Organic ginger shot 200ml
Quantity: 200 ml

Content: 0.2 litre (£20.00 / 1 litre)

£4.00 £20.00 per 1 litre
Organic aronia juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£5.33 / 1 litre)

£16.00 £5.33 per 1 litre
Cloudy apple juice bag-in-box 5L

Content: 5 litre (£2.70 / 1 litre)

£13.50 £2.70 per 1 litre
Organic ginger and tangerine shot 200ml
Quantity: 200 ml

Content: 0.2 litre (£28.75 / 1 litre)

£5.75 £28.75 per 1 litre
Organic celery stalk juice with lemon bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£11.00 / 1 litre)

£33.00 £11.00 per 1 litre
Organic sea buckthorn juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£8.33 / 1 litre)

£25.00 £8.33 per 1 litre
Organic cranberry juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£7.50 / 1 litre)

£22.50 £7.50 per 1 litre
Organic apple and ginger juice 3L

Content: 3 litre (£5.67 / 1 litre)

£17.00 £5.67 per 1 litre
Organic vegetable juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£4.33 / 1 litre)

£13.00 £4.33 per 1 litre
Organic black carrot-ginger-orange juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (£8.67 / 1 litre)

£26.00 £8.67 per 1 litre
Honeysuckle berry juice 3L

Content: 3 litre (£11.00 / 1 litre)

£33.00 £11.00 per 1 litre
Organic farm fresh vegetable juice 0.7L
Quantity: 0,7 L

Content: 0.7 litre (£5.71 / 1 litre)

£4.00 £5.71 per 1 litre

Buy our juices

Are you looking for unique, high-quality juices? Then look no further. Our selection covers the basics, like apple juice, and the exotic, like sea buckthorn juice. Our mission is to offer you the very best in terms of product quality; this is why all our juices are 100 % fruit and have neither additives nor added sugars.

The top quality of our juices is something you taste with the first sip: you would not be the first to get shocked by the spiciness of our pure ginger juice. But no worries, we have some delicate coconut water to bring you down, and take you on a holiday in the Caribbean. Also the classics will surprise you, though: our organic apple juice is like a bite into the crispiest, juiciest apple you have ever eaten, and our deliciously sour pomegranate juice will brighten up your day. And all of them come in 3-litre boxes, so that you will never run out of your favourite refreshing drink.

Natural and pure juices

Our juices are not to be confused with industrially produced, processed juices; they are completely free of added sugar and other additives. They come either from pressed or pulverized fruits. KoRo’s juice selection includes only the best-quality fruit juices. 

Juices in large-sized packs or glass bottles 

We don’t want to sell you juices in cartons or plastic bottles that are empty after three or four glasses. We use 1-litre glass bottles only for rarities like our organic noni juice; our bottles are thick and resistant, and, once empty, can and should be upcycled as pitchers or carafes. Thanks to bulk-sized packs, you save money and we save packaging steps and waste: a win-win situation!

KoRo is the juice shop of your dreams

Big selection + big packs = big happiness! We are constantly enlarging our selection, so that you can make your wildest juice-dreams come true. 

Organic juices

When possible, we always prefer organic-quality products. One of our highlights is pomegranate juice, which, coming from fruits organically grown under the Turkish sun, tastes completely different from what you can find in the supermarket. Another organic star is our Bag-in-Box ginger direct juice , which is the perfect energy-kick you need some mornings. Still not impressed? Our selection includes a lot more organic delicacies, like aloe vera and cranberry juice, or sea buckthorn juice from German fruits. Take a look around! 

Our exotic juices

KoRo offers you also juices that you cannot find anywhere else. Have you ever heard of noni juice? If not, it’s about time you guys were introduced. Noni, also known as Indian mulberry, has a delicious, intense taste. But there’s more! What about a sip of aronia juice? This sour, dark juice is made of organic chokeberries, and its peculiar taste will surprise you. 

Vitamin C rich juices

If want to be sure to hit your vitamin C goal, you don’t need to eat tons of oranges. Have a glass of cranberry juice instead! This bright-red berry is a true vitamin powerhouse, and its taste is so wonderfully sour that it will leave you craving for more. At KoRo you can find organic cranberry juice for a very convenient price.

Liquid energy

As our juices come are made of 100 % fruit, they are true energy powerhouses. With 71 calories per 100 ml, is our pomegranate juice the more calorie-dense, while at the bottom of the list is our exotic organic aloe juice, which has just 4 calories per 100 ml.

Much more than a pure treat 

As a spritzer, mixed into a salad dressing, added to your smoothie, or as secret ingredient of a homemade cocktail – there are so many ways to use our juices. Let your creativity run loose!

Mix juices for the ultimate taste explosion

As a child, your parents might have made you drink more with the help of fruit juices. Why lose this healthy habit as a grown-up? We should all keep enjoying delicious and hydrating juice mixes, homemade juice cocktails, and spritzer!

We want to start a countertrend: start by combining two of our juices, like aronia and pomegranate. Freeze one to make beautiful, red ice cubes, which you will then add to your glass of sparkling water mixed with the other juice; decorate your cocktail with a few leaves of mint, place a pretty and eco-friendly glass straw in it – and voilà! The star of your summer party is ready to astonish your guests. The melting ice cubes will make the drink slowly change its colour and taste. Amazing! 

A fruity extra in your muesli bowl, or as a salad dressing 

Everybody can drink juice. What not everyone knows is that juices can be a great ingredient for many recipes. If you crave a fruity kick in your lunch, for example, you can mix a bit of organic noni juice into your salad dressing. Or you might want to try to replace the plant-based milk in your morning granola bowl with cranberry juice – it might sound weird, but trust us: we are pretty sure you will thank us. For more food inspiration, take a look at our Food Journal section. 

All questions about juices

Why do you pack your juices in Bag-in-Boxes?

Who does not hate to carry extra heavy shopping bags filled with bottles up to the fifth floor with no elevator? Thanks to our practical Bag-in-Boxes, you can now forget about it: these boxes are made of an air-tight plastic bag containing the juice which is connected to a tap. This is protected by a robust cardboard box that will make the transport easy and safe for your precious juices, as the boxes are stable and very hard to damage. Our Bag-in-Boxes can hold to up to five litres, as in the case of our cloudy, unfiltered apple juice. The 0,75 litre cartons from the supermarket pale in comparison! Our Bag-in-Boxes juices are not only great for your wallet, as we can offer them to you for a good price, but are also good for the environment: they reduce waste, and both the bag and the box can be recycled. And now the cherry on top of this fruity sundae: the Bag-in-Boxes allow your favourite juice to keep for about three months after opening, thanks to the air-tight plastic bag; and you can store them at room temperature! 

Which juices can I drink while pregnant or breast-feeding? 

All our fruit juices can be consumed by pregnant and nursing women, as they are free of added sugars. Our apple juice, for example, comes exclusively from apples, just like our best-seller organic pomegranate juice, which is made squeezing the fruits and nothing else. Pure fruit juice does not need colourants, preservatives, or sugars! 

Which ones of your juices are less acidic?

You do not need to avoid fruit juices, if you are following an alkaline diet. In fact, juices have normally a very low pH, and can therefore complement well a low-acidity diet. One of the less acidic juices in our selection is our ginger juices, which you can enjoy in the morning as a energising shot. Aloe vera juice, made from the gel extracted from the plant’s leaves, is also alkaline.