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The perfect sandwiches Auto translated

Easy 20 May 2018
Preparation time
15 min

Bread is one of the most popular foods in this country. The good old sandwich is anything but boring, it is undergoing a real "remake" and the topping options are becoming increasingly fancy and creative. That sandwiches can look really good, we show you here.

0 to taste Cashewmus
0 to taste Mandelmus
3 Scheiben Brot
0 to taste Granola
0 to taste puffed quinoa
0 to taste Blueberries
0 to taste (Soy) yoghurt
0 to taste Chocolate drops
1 Banane
0 to taste Raspberries
0 to taste Blackberries
  • Step 1/2

    Before topping the bread, the slices can also be toasted. One bread is topped with cashew puree, blueberries and puffed quinoa. The second bread is topped with almond paste, banana, melted chocolate drops and puffed quinoa. For the third bread you use yogurt, raspberries, blackberries and granola.

  • Step 2/2

    Bon appétit!

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