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Hazelnut coffee 250g


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  • Gemahlener Arabica-Kaffee
  • Mit natürlichem Haselnussaroma
  • Dein Wachmacher am Morgen
  • Feiner Mahlgrad
  • Besonders gut geeignet für die Filtermaschine und French Press
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What is your favourite scent? Is it perhaps the smell of the sea and sun cream? Or of freshly mown lawn? Is it a certain perfume? Or is it the smell of your favourite food? Our favourite scent is one of the first we smell in the morning when we stumble into the kitchen still completely sleepy: freshly ground coffee! And with the first cup of our hazelnut coffee in your hand, the day can only get better - buy flavoured coffee now! 

Discover nutty aromas - with KoRo hazelnut coffee

First things first: Our coffee powder is refined with natural hazelnut aroma to give it its pleasant nutty note. We use aromatic Arabica beans for our ground coffee, which are dark-roasted for 16-18 minutes to a final temperature of approx. 200 °C. The small beans then rest for a day before being finely ground and manually blended with the hazelnut flavouring in powder form. 

Preparation of our hazelnut coffee

We recommend using 7-8 g of powder per cup of nut coffee á 125 ml of water. Of course, you can adjust the dosage according to your taste. Our nut coffee has a particularly fine grind:  This makes it especially suitable for a filter machine or French press, where it can develop its full aroma.

Flavoured coffee from KoRo

We have already noted that freshly ground coffee is our favourite aroma, but of course it is mainly about the taste of the small beans. We offer you a wide range of coffees: from ground organic coffee to whole beans to decaffeinated lupine coffee.  And we are particularly fond of our flavoured coffees. In addition to the classics chocolate and vanilla,  we also have sweet caramel or spicy cinnamon and cardamom flavours in our assortment, bringing a lot of variety to your coffee enjoyment. 

Buy hazelnut coffee

Looking for a new favourite scent? The aromatic coffee with a fine nutty note definitely has the potential to do so! But it's not just the aroma of our freshly brewed nut coffee that is convincing, but also its intense taste: caffeine kick with hazelnut flavour - order now!

Product number: KAFFEE_023
Best before date 30.05.2025
Content 0.25 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582800005
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Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
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Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Ingredients 95 % Arabica Bohnen, 5 % naturidentisches Haselnuss-Aroma
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Hazelnut coffee 250g
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Our hazelnut coffee contains caffeine. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that pregnant and breastfeeding women do not exceed 200 mg of caffeine per day. This corresponds to about two small cups (200 ml each) of filter coffee. If you feel unsure, it's best to seek additional medical advice - or try our caffeine-free lupine coffee.
Our Arabica beans are finely ground after roasting and blended with conventional natural hazelnut flavor for a particularly balanced hazelnut taste.
It is best to store the coffee in a cool and dry place. In the original sealed packaging, it has a shelf life of at least 9 months.
At KoRo, we don't like to divide food into "healthy" and "unhealthy" categories. Because healthy is first and foremost a balanced and varied diet and a corresponding lifestyle. The tolerance of coffee can vary greatly, so as always: 'Balance is key!'!
For our roasted coffee, the beans are dark roasted for 16-18 minutes to a final temperature of about 200 °C. After a day of rest, the beans are then finely ground and mixed manually with natural hazelnut flavoring in powder form.
We recommend that you use 7-8 g of coffee powder per 125 ml of water. Of course, you can adjust the dosage according to your taste.

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Very good, good size

Great value for money. Great for preparing for babies/toddlers.

Svenja K.


Delicious and intense

Delicious! Have him now the second re-bought and he is already empty again. Has a really nice intense hazelnut flavor.



Excellent taste for me

Excellent coffee, use in a piston coffee maker



Vieeeel too strong and artificial aroma

Less would have been more here. Can not drink.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, thank you very much for your feedback. We are very sorry that we could not meet your taste. All the best from your KoRo team :)



Mega lecker

The vanilla flavored coffee was too sweet for me, so the nutty flavor was just right!



Super tasty!

This scent alone!
The hazelnut flavor comes out well, st but not penetrating.
Would I buy again and again!

Aline M.


I love this coffee

A very good coffee with an intense hazelnut flavour. It's my favourite.



simply perfect

made as espresso and extended to Americano a real treat



Hazelnut coffee

If you like this flavor, go for it! A subtle note of hazelnut but very present, which accentuates the arabica notes. A delight 🍂



If you like original coffees, I recommend it.

subtle taste of hazelnut, a real treat

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