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🗓 26/02/2024 👤 Hannah Rieder

We have something to celebrate: 10 years of KoRo

It's time for a KoRo history lesson, because we're turning 10 years old! And all we can say is: we've had a few gray hairs, but we've stayed young and wild and grown a lot over the years. There's been a lot going on!

We have something to celebrate: 10 years of KoRo

KoRo = nut butter, right?

Actually no, at least not from the beginning. A small hint is our name, namely our old URL and the original company name "KoRo Drogerie". Our founders Kosta and Robert started out in 2014 with the idea of selling detergents in bulk packs. But the brilliant idea came from Kosta's wife Michelle: switch to nuts and dried fruit, but keep the bulk packs. Nut butters were added to the range a little later.

No KoRo without Piran

Our product genius Piran started at KoRo as a working student in accounting. When founder Robert wanted to leave the company, the opportunity arose to join the company as Managing Director. Impossible for a student? Piran wouldn't be Piran if he didn't have unusual ideas that would take him and the company forward. So he sold his Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection to finance his entry into the company. Since then, he has been the KoRo luminary for products and their origin and manufacture. However, he still doesn't shy away from unusual campaigns: in 2016, Pokémon Go put him in the spotlight (and his KoRo drugstore shirt too) and he recently won the Perfect Dinner.

KoRo goes international

As our products were well received in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we wanted to win the hearts of other countries too. So in 2017, we started selling our products in the UK and France, followed by the launch of the store for the Netherlands in 2019 and Italy in 2020. We now sell our treats in 17 European countries.

From zero to one hundred

It all started with 15 products, but in 2020 we drastically increased our selection of treats: we sourced 807 newcomers for you, including the crème de la crème of nut butters, and put them through their paces until they became part of the KoRo family. Our range has grown by a whopping 5373.33%! More products also means more employees: It started with three, six years later there were already 100! Now there are almost 300, and we are constantly growing!

Likes, likes, baby!

In addition to our creamy dreamy nut butters and our delicious treats, we are also known for our wild Instagram account, where our social media team can really live out their creative freedom. Let's just say: KoRo goes Only Fans, KoRo products in teleshopping format, the infamous Donut Challenge with Brammibals or the Advent calendar rap - it never gets boring. And nutritional knowledge, company insights, a sea of memes and nice recipes are of course on top!

KoRo goes supermarket

In 2021, we made the leap to the supermarket shelves and were available with some goodies at Alnatura. You can now also find our goodies at selected dms, Rossmanns, Rewes and Edekas, and new markets are constantly being added!

Fresh meat

Open to new things is somehow the KoRo motto. So it's no surprise that we wanted to start adding fresh meat to our range in 2021 - fruit meat, of course. We fell in love with the beautiful green jackfruit and wanted to offer it not only as crunchy potato chips, but also as fresh fruit. So KoRo customers were able to order approx. 6 kg of jackfruit from and in the store. The project was actually scrapped because the fruit didn't arrive as fresh as we would have liked. It was worth a try, but it was also the sign for us to stick to our expertise: Dry products with a long shelf life.

Chunks by KoRo - The ice cream parlor

If Mozart Dough, Death By Chocolate or Peanut Pretzel Munchies mean anything to you, then you've probably landed deep in the KoRo Rabbit Hole! Because these are the damn tasty ice cream flavors of our ice cream brand "Chunks by KoRo". This time, it wasn't Piran who came up with the idea of turning KoRo products into ice cream, but Hannah. As an ice cream influencer (yes, absolute dream job), she also had the know-how to turn this fixed idea into reality. From 2021-2023, there were ice cream parlors in Berlin and other German cities. KoRo Chunks and the ice cream parlors are currently taking a break, but there will be exciting news soon!


KoRo Café

We don't shy away from new formats and thought our products are so tasty that you should also find them ready to eat. No sooner said than done! In May 2022, the first KoRo Café opened its doors in Berlin Mitte, just five minutes from Alexanderplatz. Whether it's goat's cream cheese and pears or tofu, pesto and tomatoes on a sandwich, porridge or banana bread, everything is delicious! And the best thing is: you can simply take many tasty KoRo products with you and eat them at home!


The KoRo logo fail

We managed to offer our oat bar 2023 in the on-board bistro at Deutsche Bahn - only we forgot to print our KoRo logo on the bar. No joke. And the twelve people involved in the project didn't notice this through all the correction loops. It could have been a planned campaign, but in fact it was simply a fail. What was the problem? Probably everyone was so in creative mode that something as obvious as the logo was simply overlooked.

But a win is a win, you recognized our products by their design even without a logo and snacked on the bar on your train journeys across the country!

Partners in Crime

Over the years, we have worked together with cool companies time and again to bring new treats onto the market for you. Because: the love of good food must be shared! We even teamed up twice with Berlin food scene insiders Mit Vergnügen to create an advent calendar with food spots in Berlin in 2022 and a vegan currywurst for you in 2023! In 2023, we also teamed up with the biggest player in meat substitutes: Rügenwalder Mühle. Together with their innovation team, we have developed five vegan meat and fish substitute products with KoRo twist. Instead of in the chiller cabinet, you can store them in the larder for up to 11 months and mix them up whenever you feel like it. That's right: vegan milled tuna in the dry dock and milled meatballs, milled mince, milled fillet and milled bacon for mixing - practical and delicious!

Thank you for accompanying us on our journey across the KoRoversum. We're sure the next 10 years will be at least as wild as the last!

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