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KoRo's values

KoRo was founded in 2014 with the aim of making high-quality good accessible to everyone – mostly by skipping trading stages, efficient processes, and using large, inexpensive packaging with a simple design. Our company started with this idea almost nine years ago. Today, KoRo stands out from competitors primarily through its efficient packaging, unique products such as the best-selling date and hazelnut spread, exceptional nut butters, a wide range of snacks and other special products that are unlikely to be found in conventional supermarkets. Our vision is to become the number one online grocery store in Europe and expand worldwide. To achieve this, we pursue the following values:


Our heart beats for delicious and high-quality food! We want to convey this passion to our customers and offer them the best possible products and thereby inspire them. Products must always taste good, be safe, and be convincing without many additives. That's why quality is KoRo's top priority. Our Sourcing and Quality Management teams transfer this principle to our products every day, creating the core of KoRo: simple, good products.


We rethink retail – by discovering and selecting delicious and innovative food from around the world and bringing customers closer to producers and their products. We want to explore new ways to change the food trade and are always looking for more sustainable solutions. Our main goal is to source all products without detours in order to be as close as possible to the concept of direct trade.


We want our customers to know everything about company, producers and products, prices and packaging, and thus promote transparent communication at eye level. For us is of the utmost importance to provide realistic insights into the everyday life and decisions of a retail company and to offer customers the opportunity to make an informed purchasing decision and to take a closer look at food, its ingredients, and origin.


In order to create trust in us as a company, we keep our word. We communicate weak points openly and only convey the values by which we ourselves act – no sugar-coating! For example, we have long distanced ourselves from discount campaigns because our goal is to always offer our customers a fair price. We remain true to that. However, sometimes we do have to discount products due to overstocking. This Sale category or our Advent calendar discounts after Christmas are atypical for KoRo, but help to fight food waste. By admitting mistakes, such as being overly dogmatic about discounts, we can move forward. With this honesty we want to have a lasting influence on the food trade.


In order to continue to please and surprise our customers, we want to combine economic and ecological sustainability. In our understanding, these two aspects are interdependent and closely intertwined, because without economic resources we cannot take sustainable measures.