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Chocolate covered nuts 15 Article


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Nuts and chocolate belong together just like nut butters and porridge – incredibly delicious on their own, but together they are a real taste explosion! That's why we've put together a fine selection of chocolate nuts for you. It's worth a browse:

Recipes with chocolate covered nuts

Chocolate for breakfast? If we can offer a little recommendation: add some chocolate covered nuts to your porridge once in a while! Once they hit the warm oats, the chocolate starts delicately melting, simply incredible. The nuts are also great as a topping on nut cakes. Or you can be very creative and just throw the chopped chocolate nuts directly into the cake batter. If you suddenly remember you have forgotten to buy something for the upcoming dinner party, you're well equipped with our chocolate nuts. Beautifully packaged, our chocolate nuts also look almost as good as they taste!

Nuts covered in chocolate – buy now

With our extra large packs, you can enjoy the taste of chocolate nuts for a long time and save money as well as a lot of packaging waste. In our large nut selection, you will find more than the delicious chocolate covered nuts: try our natural nuts, spiced nuts, fine nut flours, special nut mixes, aromatic seeds and – last, but not least – our legendary nut butters.

All your questions abour KoRo's chocolate covered nuts

We would like to give you all the information you need about our chocolate covered nuts. If you have any questions about a specific product, take a look at the product specification. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us by email or on social media and we will clarify all your questions.

Are chocolate covered nuts vegan?

Not all, but many of our chocolate nuts are also suitable for vegans. These include the jumbo peanuts with dark chocolate, the skinny dipped almonds with raspberry powder, vegan almonds with chocolate glaze and the vegan dark chocolate coated almonds. Find our entire plant-based selection in the vegan category.

Can I make my own chocolate nuts?

Of course you can! First, melt the chocolate of your choice over a water bath and dip the nuts in it. Then leave the chocolate-coated nuts to harden on a baking tray lined with baking paper. For less work and no mess in the kitchen, simply order your chocolate covered nuts from KoRo.

How many calories in chocolate covered nuts?

This really depends on the type of almonds. Our chocolate covered almonds with cinnamon, for example, contain 540 calories per 100 grams. For the nutritional information, take a look at each respective product page - there you will find all the important information.