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KoRo's nut mixtures

Spending endless amounts of money in the supermarket for a boring nut mix again, no thanks! Nuts are brainfood when you're studying and your energy supplier when you're out and about. But who exactly is supposed to be able to afford nuts these days?! We wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't bring you the right feel good food for every moment in life. It just so happens that we have taken on the problem and put together nut mixes in 1 kg value packs for you that won't drain your entire savings account. Thanks to our practical nut mix bulk pack, we can offer you the finest nut mixes at fair prices. And of course we have something for every taste: our nut mix with cranberriesclassic trail mix, premium nut mixture, honey and sea salt nut mix and many more — buy KoRo's nut mixes now!

Sweet nut mixes – also available with chocolate!

New life goal: Find a partner in crime that harmonises just as well with you as peanuts and cashews combine in our crunchy peanut and cashew mix with honey. Crunchy nuts and the sweet-salty coating love each other as much as KoRo loves its snacks. Speaking of snacks we love: Get yourself a sweet nut mix at home! For example, a sweet muesli nut mix: we like to use the vegan power mix or energizer mix. Or a nut mix in combination with crunchy dark chocolate, like we have in our “sweet and salty” nut mixture. Simply delicious!

Salted nut mixes – from roasted to spicy

We've got the nuts, literally, and a lot of them. That's why we never leave our salty snack lovers' cravings unattended. You'll find your favourite salted nut mix in our “Spiced nuts” category. What shall it be today: a roasted nut mix, or are you team hot & spicy and prefer a spicy nut mix? Either way, get the bowl on the table and fill it with meaning and content: buy nut mix now!

Buy trail mix

What would a nut mix collection be without the all time snack classic among nuts! Our trail mix includes cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Trail mix has its origins as far back as the 17th century. At that time, the popular snack classically consisted of raisins and almonds. Over time, other ingredients were added to the nut and fruit mix, and these days, there are a lot of unusual nut mix variations in the KoRo online shop in addition to the "usual" trail mix! For example, our nuts and nibs trail mix, which is home to pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cocoa nibs in a large value pack.

All your questions about nut mixes

Which nut mix is the best?

That's like asking us which of our kids we like best! Of course, it all depends on what flavours you prefer. If you are Team Chocolate and sweet, then the “Sweet and Salty” nut mix is just the thing for you. For your muesli we recommend our vegan power mix, which consists of walnuts, goji berries, cocoa nibs, soy protein crispies and hemp seeds. If you simply want a mix of the finest nuts, then you should treat yourself to the premium nut mix. And don't forget: you need to have at least one bag of our classic trail mix in your pantry!

Can I order a customized nut mix?

Unfortunately, this is not logistically possible for us. That's why we do our utmost to sell the best of the best nut mixes. But that doesn't mean you can't mix your own nut mix. Just put your favourite nuts, dried fruit and chocolate drops in the shopping basket and mix them at home. Once you are done, store them elegantly in one of our Ball Mason Jars!

Which nuts can I use in my muesli?

Grab a fancy coconut bowl, get your oat milk ready and start the muesli. We recommend: our vegan power mix, die KoRo's dried fruit mix or the incredible KoRo premium nut mix. You will find many more delicious toppings in our muesli category, such as organic sprouted muesli or crunchy granola.

Do you have a vegan nut mixture in your selection?

We don't have one, we have six! Our classic trail mix, KoRo dried fruit mixpremium nut mixenergizer mix, power mix and the “nuts and nibs” trail mix are all vegan. Discover more nut power with our spiced nuts.

Do you sell a nut mix without hazelnuts?

Of course! Even if you have a hazelnut allergy or hazelnuts are simply not your thing, we have delicious nut mixes for you in our range. Try the "Sweet and Salty" nut mix, vegan power mix, crunchy peanut and cashew mix with honey and sea salt, energizer mix or the KoRo dried fruit mix.

Do you have a nut mix without raisins?

No love for raisins? No problem! The "Sweet and Salty" nut mix and the vegan power mix do not contain raisins, nor do the crunchy peanut and cashew mix with honey and sea salt, the energizer mix and the KoRo premium nut mix.