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Vitamins and minerals 15 Article

B12 drops 50ml

Content: 0.05 litre (£300.00 / 1 litre)

£15.00 £300.00 per 1 litre
Organic spirulina tablets 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£26.00 / 1 kg)

£13.00 £26.00 per 1 kg
Vegan Omega 3 capsules 90 pieces

Content: 90 UNIT (£0.23 / 1 UNIT)

£21.00 £0.23 per 1 UNIT
Organic chlorella tablets 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (£48.00 / 1 kg)

£24.00 £48.00 per 1 kg
Zinc tablets 365 pieces

Content: 365 UNIT (£0.05 / 1 UNIT)

£17.50 £0.05 per 1 UNIT
Selenium tablets 365 pieces

Content: 365 UNIT (£0.05 / 1 UNIT)

£18.00 £0.05 per 1 UNIT
Magnesium citrate capsules 365 pieces

Content: 365 UNIT (£0.06 / 1 UNIT)

£22.50 £0.06 per 1 UNIT
Natural iron + vitamin C from curry leaf and rosehip capsules 180 pieces

Content: 180 UNIT (£0.14 / 1 UNIT)

£25.00 £0.14 per 1 UNIT
Buffered vitamin C capsules 365 pieces

Content: 365 UNIT (£0.05 / 1 UNIT)

£17.50 £0.05 per 1 UNIT
Iron bisglycinate + vitamin C from acerola capsules 180 pieces

Content: 180 UNIT (£0.11 / 1 UNIT)

£20.50 £0.11 per 1 UNIT
Coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone capsules 120 pieces

Content: 120 UNIT (£0.23 / 1 UNIT)

£27.50 £0.23 per 1 UNIT
L-arginine base capsules 365 pieces

Content: 365 UNIT (£0.05 / 1 UNIT)

£19.50 £0.05 per 1 UNIT
Vitamin D3-K2 MK7 all-trans drops 50ml

Content: 0.05 litre (£310.00 / 1 litre)

£15.50 £310.00 per 1 litre
Sango sea coral calcium + magnesium capsules 180 pieces

Content: 180 UNIT (£0.12 / 1 UNIT)

£21.50 £0.12 per 1 UNIT

Buy superfoods and superfood powder

First of all, we are very sorry to disappoint you: the pizza at your favourite Italian restaurant is no superfood. Certainly tastes very good but its nutrients are, unfortunately, rather limited. At KoRo you can get real superfoods. And those foods have what it takes: fully equipped with nutrients, vitamins and at least as delicious as your beloved pizza Margherita at the Italian’s round the corner.

Superfoods in all shapes and colours at KoRo

Superfood is not just any weird food trend. On the contrary, superfoods can be a useful component of your diet, since they present an extremely high nutrient density and can satisfy human fibre and vitamin needs with lightning speed. Moreover, superfoods often contain substances which conventional foods are only rarely able to provide your body.

At KoRo you can find your superfoods in all their beauty: whether as powder, oil, natural protein and even in tablet form. Or simply unprocessed, of course, filled in our KoRo bulk packs. And voilà, your vitamin supply is secured for the upcoming months.

Concentrated superfood oils

Granted: our superfood oils are not well suited for making spaghetti “aglio e olio”. Our MCT oil, for example, is not really is not suitable for frying, since it has low smoke point. However, to compensate on that fact, our superfood oils, such as our omega 3 fish oil, provide you polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are often missed out in our daily diet. One teaspoon per day supplies you - without any need to go fishing - a sufficient amount of omega 3. Just add some fish oil to your salad dressing or diluted with water or juices. Also our C-8 MCT oil and the normal MCT oil are real energy donors and a rich source of medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids produce ketones and quickly provide your body with energy. 

Protein snacks and superfoods to go

In order to provide you nutrients even on the go and in-between meals, our online shop offers you numerous superfood snacks.

Chocolate lovers will be pleased, since our chocolate protein crunchies are made without any added sugar and can be enjoyed without any remorse. Those who like it even more fancy should try our Edamame in chocolate. Our acai cubes without added sugar are a fruity snack for all snack cats. Caution, risk of addiction!

Pure power with superfood capsules and powders

There are millions of fancy recipes like blue coconut bliss balls with spirulina or matcha chia pudding providing you superfood power and tasting simply heavenly. However, sometimes time is of the essence and still vitamins and nutrients must not be neglected. In this case, KoRo is providing you with superfoods in form of capsules. Our chlorella tablets consist of 100% freshwater microalgae and contain about as many vitamins as the alphabet has letters: vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, A,C, D, E and K as well as biotin. If you want to know more microalgae in tablet form have a look at our spirulina tablets.

Just as easy as taking superfoods in form of tablets, also other superfoods can be integrated in your daily diet: simply stir a teaspoon into your juices, smoothies or water. One big benefit of superfoods in powder form is their long shelf life. In our online shop you will find superfood powders such as Ashwagandha, moringa and maca. A further insider tip is our chaga mushroom powder, perfect for rounding off your cup of tea. 

Superfoods bring a breath of fresh air to your diet

Tired of rice? Try our red quinoa as side dish with your vegetable stir-fried vegetables. You are having oats every morning for breakfast? Mix them with some white chia seeds. If your daily smoothie needs some special touch, add a teaspoon of our blue spirulina powder. This is how easy integrating superfoods into your daily diet can be.

Create your own superfood smoothies and mueslis

Already in the morning you can prepare yourself a breakfast, particularly rich in nutrients. How about a green wheatgrass smoothie? In this manner your body gets already early in the morning a whole load of trace elements and will leave your friends at the breakfast table about as green with envy as your smoothie’s colour. Apart from our wheatgrass powder, KoRo offers you numerous other superfood powders such as our freeze-dried peach powder and ginger powder, perfect for rounding off your breakfast smoothies. Or you try our acai powder and prepare yourself with some chia seeds a delicious acai bowl, packed with antioxidants. The finished bowl you can decorate with our great variety of different toppings: our cocoa nibs create a good mood with their full-bodied flavour, our coconut chips add that extra of vitamins and our walnuts kernels provide valuable omega-3 that your body cannot produce itself. Fruit lovers will love our calcium-rich goji berries as well as our dried physalis as fruity topping. Would you like a coffee with your breakfast bowl? Then do it like professional athletes and enjoy a Bulletproof coffee with our MCT oil, which is particularly rich in medium-chain fatty acids.

Delicious bowls, fancy salads and more superfood recipes 

The superfood quinoa has been cultivated for more than 5000 years along the Andes - and for a good reason. In order to prepare a delicious lunch with quinoa there is no need to travel to South America though. One click in our online shop is all that it takes. Then nothing stands in the way for your quinoa stuffed peppers or your homemade vegetable bowl. Our nutritional yeast flakes are perfect for adding an extra portion of calcium, iron and magnesium to your favourite savoury dishes. This superfood is made in Germany and will add a spicy, cheesy note to your culinary creations. In addition, nutritional yeast flakes can make your homemade beetroot hummus deliciously creamy. And now hold on tight: nutritional yeast flakes are perfect for cooking a tasty walnut risotto - 100% vegan!

Homemade cereal bars and more superfood snacks 

In our online shop you will find numerous ready-to-eat superfood snacks, such as our soy protein crispies with cocoa or our natural soy protein crispies.
If you are, however, excited about some cooking action and want to impress your friends with your homemade creations, it is worth to check our food journal.
One of the many highlights in the food journal, are the colourful quinoa matcha muesli bars. If you fancy a fruity muesli bar instead, take some cranberries, all of your favourite seeds, some oats and get started. Or how about some oatmeal cookies with flaxseeds which are rich in fibre, easy to make and simply taste delicious, so that superfood will be the only thing you want to snack in-between. And well, why not?

Exotic superfoods… 

If you want to show your friends how to play scrabble at the next gaming night, just keep in mind our huge selection of superfoods: spirulina, dried aronia berries, coconut blossom sugar or maca, chaga and moringa - nobody except yourself knows. These exotic superfoods from Peru, Mexico and other distant countries will feel like home in your kitchen. Thanks to these superfoods you can explore always new tastes. Or do you already know since child days what aronia berries taste like?
By the way, superfoods are also a great gift for all foodies: in our assortment you can find one or another product which will surprise even experienced gourmets.
Even though our superfoods come from far away, we ensure with extensive tests and regular quality controls to only sell superfoods of finest quality. Moreover and whenever possible, we are placing an emphasis on organic cultivation.

… and local superfoods

Even though the word superfood is relatively new, superfood in itself isn’t: for decades many nutritious foodstuffs are an important part of our meals. However, most people won’t think about broccoli, walnuts or beetroot when it comes to superfood. 

These are only a few examples of local superfoods. Further vitamin-rich foodstuffs are, for example, flaxseeds, barley grass and nutritional yeast flakes not infrequently produced in Germany or other European neighbouring countries. 

A counterpart to the exotic goji berries is, for instance, our black currant which you probably know nibbling from the neighbour’s bushes when you were a child. The European version of the acai berry is the local blueberry. Also the rose-hip should be mentioned, which is a real vitamin C bomb.

If you want to grow your own superfoods on your balcony or in your home kitchen, our sprouting set is just perfect. As soon as mung beans, alfalfa seeds and fenugreek seeds are ready for harvesting, you can just mix the homegrown sprouts in your yoghurt or on your bread. Now if that’s not a local superfood.

All questions about superfood

We would like to provide you with all the relevant information about our superfoods. If you have a question about one specific product, please check the product specification attached to every product page. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us via mail or social media and we are glad to answer your questions.

What exactly are superfoods?

Compared to other designations in the food sector, like for example “organic” there is no legally binding definition of superfood. Nevertheless, you might have noticed the word superfoods on packagings and in magazines. In principle the expression means foodstuffs particularly rich in nutrients. Superfoods are often rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - and therefore a valuable nutritional addition to your diet. Apart from that, superfoods are extremely tasty! By the way, the expression not only includes exotic products, such as chia seeds, goji berries and cocoa nibs. The list of superfoods goes on and on: also several old faces like beetroot, wheat germ and rose-hip due to their high nutrient density belong to the category of superfoods. Visit our online shop to discover all of these nutrient-packed foods! 

Where can I find tasty superfood recipes?

If you are now curious and want to eat only superfoods from morning to evening from now on, visit our food journal

Moreover, for all who can’t get enough of nutrients and vitamins, we’ve created a dedicated product category called “superfoods”: here you can find everything, from recipes for delicious breakfast smoothies through superfood bowls and salads. Our food journal also provides you informative articles to learn more about the individual superfoods and their benefits.

Which superfoods are particularly rich in proteins?

For all those purists, we have some superfood proteins. Purely vegetable, with no frills or preservative blended. Moreover, our protein powders derive from organic farming. In order to make your high-protein diet less boring, in our online shop you will find several superfood powders rich in protein. Our organic pea protein powder is ideal for adding to shakes and smoothies, just like our organic lupin protein. If you like baking with protein powders, add our organic hemp protein to your pancake batter. Last but not least: our organic rice protein is undoubtedly the kind of protein powders containing 82,6 g of protein per 100 g. To ensure long-term muscle development, you can get your vegan proteins at KoRo in bulk packaging.