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What is KoRo's key to success?

Farm Direct & Natural

We strive to source our products directly from the producer and only sell products of the highest quality without any additives.

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More value for less bucks

We aim to always deliver fair prices through a short supply chain and deliver more through low-cost, bulk packaging.

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Transparency & conscious consumption

We take pride in informing you about our products origin, quality and price development and work to reduce our packaging waste and transport emissions.

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Our Success Story

You are probably here for the same reason that we started the company for - looking for affordable high quality and healthy food online. Founded in 2014 in Berlin by Kosta and his wife looking to revolutionize the eCommerce and Food Supply Chain, KoRo has grown into one of Europe’s leading brands for healthy, natural and long-lasting food with over 1000 products. Dive into our story coming out of university trying to sell laundry detergent (we know, not that tasty) to becoming your one stop shop for all things nuts, dried fruits and delicious snacks (yes, so much better) in 18 countries. Next stop U.S. - we know you want it too!

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KoRo & Sustainability

Since day one KoRo has been focussing on making food commerce more sustainable and as we grew throughout the years we were able to tackle many often not even obvious factors to bring you healthy food in a more sustainable way. From reducing the amount of plastic packaging through big bulk packaging to creating a more direct supply chain by cutting unnecessary stages from it we are constantly striving to become more sustainable. Still, we know that we are far from perfect and that there is still a long way to go to more conscious and sustainable consumption. We answer your questions on how we do sustainability and transparency as a company.

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KoRo Team

Starting with just 3 people KoRo always felt like a family. And even though we count almost 300 people spread over all of Europe and the US, this remains true to this day now more than ever as we are closely connected through our shared set of values, the passion for great food and the curiosity to do something new and become a little better every day in order to deliver the best KoRo experience to you. Learn more about our team and the faces behind KoRo and get to know us better.

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