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Drinks 54 Article

Organic pure ginger juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€12.00 / 1 litre)

€36.00 €12.00 per 1 litre
Organic pomegranate juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€5.83 / 1 litre)

€17.50 €5.83 per 1 litre
Organic ginger shot 200ml
Quantity: 200 ml

Content: 0.2 litre (€21.25 / 1 litre)

€4.25 €21.25 per 1 litre
Organic Mizu matcha 80g
Quantity: 80 g

Content: 0.08 kg (€193.75 / 1 kg)

€15.50 €193.75 per 1 kg
Organic aronia juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€5.50 / 1 litre)

€16.50 €5.50 per 1 litre
Barista oat drink 12 x 1L
Quantity: 12 x 1 L

Content: 12 litre (€1.96 / 1 litre)

€23.50 €1.96 per 1 litre
Cloudy apple juice bag-in-box 5L

Content: 5 litre (€2.90 / 1 litre)

€14.50 €2.90 per 1 litre
Organic ginger and tangerine shot 200ml
Quantity: 200 ml

Content: 0.2 litre (€20.00 / 1 litre)

€4.00 €20.00 per 1 litre
Organic celery stalk juice with lemon bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€13.00 / 1 litre)

€39.00 €13.00 per 1 litre
Organic orange juice with coconut water 1L
Quantity: 1 L

Variants from €4.50
€2.75 €4.25
Organic sea buckthorn juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€9.33 / 1 litre)

€28.00 €9.33 per 1 litre
Organic cranberry juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€9.00 / 1 litre)

€27.00 €9.00 per 1 litre
Organic apple and ginger juice 3L

Content: 3 litre (€6.83 / 1 litre)

€20.50 €6.83 per 1 litre
Organic Yujin matcha 30g
Quantity: 30 g

Content: 0.03 kg (€466.67 / 1 kg)

Variants from €13.50
€14.00 €466.67 per 1 kg
Organic whole chamomile flowers 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€45.00 / 1 kg)

€22.50 €45.00 per 1 kg
Organic vegetable juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€5.17 / 1 litre)

€15.50 €5.17 per 1 litre
Organic chai latte mix 1kg
Quantity: 1 kg

Variants from €41.00
Oat-based chai latte mix 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€36.00 / 1 kg)

€18.00 €36.00 per 1 kg
Organic black carrot-ginger-orange juice bag-in-box 3L

Content: 3 litre (€9.33 / 1 litre)

€28.00 €9.33 per 1 litre
Tonic syrup 500ml

Content: 0.5 litre (€14.50 / 1 litre)

€7.25 €14.50 per 1 litre
Organic vanilla coffee 250g

Content: 0.25 kg (€50.00 / 1 kg)

€12.50 €50.00 per 1 kg
Organic cold brew coffee 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€31.00 / 1 kg)

€15.50 €31.00 per 1 kg
Organic chai tea 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€45.00 / 1 kg)

€22.50 €45.00 per 1 kg
Organic choco aroma coffee 250g

Content: 0.25 kg (€50.00 / 1 kg)

€12.50 €50.00 per 1 kg
Organic raspberry syrup 750ml
Quantity: 750 ml

Content: 0.75 litre (€14.67 / 1 litre)

€11.00 €14.67 per 1 litre
Organic mountain tea syrup 750ml
Quantity: 750 ml

Content: 0.75 litre (€14.00 / 1 litre)

€10.50 €14.00 per 1 litre
Organic chocolate chai tea 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€54.00 / 1 kg)

€27.00 €54.00 per 1 kg
Honeysuckle berry juice 3L

Content: 3 litre (€11.50 / 1 litre)

€34.50 €11.50 per 1 litre
Organic oat drink with 15% oats 8 x 1L
Quantity: 8 x 1 L

Content: 8 litre (€1.50 / 1 litre)

€12.00 €1.50 per 1 litre
Organic Japanese Sencha green tea 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€44.00 / 1 kg)

€22.00 €44.00 per 1 kg
Organic turmeric shot 200ml
Quantity: 200 ml

Content: 0.2 litre (€31.25 / 1 litre)

€6.25 €31.25 per 1 litre
Organic chopped peppermint 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€38.00 / 1 kg)

€19.00 €38.00 per 1 kg
Organic farm fresh vegetable juice 0.7L
Quantity: 0,7 L

Content: 0.7 litre (€6.79 / 1 litre)

€4.75 €6.79 per 1 litre
Roasted mate leaves 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€16.50 / 1 kg)

€8.25 €16.50 per 1 kg
Free shipping
Organic Fairtrade instant coffee 250g

Content: 0.25 kg (€52.00 / 1 kg)

€13.00 €52.00 per 1 kg

Order drinks online

Drinking is very important – adults should drink at least two litres of liquid per day. But these don’t have to be made up only of tap water. Our selection of drinks will surprise you for its variation and breadth: you don’t have to get bored and then end up consoling yourself with too much sugary lemonades. Our natural juices like apple juice and noni juice are completely sugar-free, and the taste of our teas is so intense that you won’t feel like candy & co.


So that you won’t have to do without them in the time of need, our drinks are sold in large bottles. Don’t worry about the rubbish either! Our glass bottles and bag-in-boxes allow us to spare on the packaging material - good for you and the environment!

Find the right drink for every moment on KoRo

For warm or cold weather; for the morning or the evening; for a pre party with friends or a relaxing evening by yourself. We always have the perfect drink for every moment of the day.

Our coffee takes you out of bed in the morning 

Speaking of drinks, we cannot forget about coffee. In the UK, an average of 2 cups of coffee per person is drank every day. With a caffeine content of about 100 mg per cup, coffee is true to its name: the word comes from the Arabic and means something like stimulating drink. As we want to provide you with the best beans for your coffee creations, we have selected our special coffee beans Yirgacheffe, which come from the Ethiopian region of the same name, the motherland of the aromatic Arabica coffee beans.
You don’t have an automatic coffee maker, or a mill at hand? No worries, we have something for you too! Our huge coffee selection contains many ground versions - some of them very unique, like our hazelnut-, vanilla-, or chocolate-flavoured coffees, suitable for both your French press and your moka-pot.

Matcha, green teas and loose flowers for your tea time

Every day should be celebrated with and enriched by tea, and so that you never run out of it, we sell your favourite kind in bulk size. On KoRo you can find chamomile flowersSencha green tea, and peppermint leaves - everything is certified organic, of course. If you want to hold a tea ceremony for your friends at your place, we suggest that you take a look at our very special Yujin matcha. Matcha is perfect also for delicious culinary creations - from matcha lattes with a taste of hazelnuts, to smoothie bowls with an extra kick. If you have had enough black and green tea in your life, we have selected something just for you, that will make you rethink your idea of tea time. You can try the incredible kombucha which, according to the legend, was drunk by Chinese emperors and believed to be the drink of immortality. We are not too sure about the immortality bit, but we guarantee you that you will experience something quite uncommon. With our kombucha scoby you can experiment with creating the drink which best agrees to your taste, and step into a tradition that goes back to 206 BC.

Juice always fits

In case you were looking for a proper juice shop, you need not look further. KoRo has all the basics, like natural apple juice and pomegranate in organic quality, and much more! Here you can find exotic drinks like aloe vera juice and noni juice, which contain, among other nutrients, iron, potassium, magnesium, and copper.

Why are our juices special? They are packed in our practical Bag-in Boxes, or bottled in glas, in order to reduce packaging waste to a minimum and keep the content fresh and tasty for very long. This is why our organic sea buckthorn juice keeps for up to 90 days after you have opened it! 

Mixed in your cocktail

On KoRo you won’t find the alcohol for your next party – for gin & co you have to look somewhere else. What we do have, however, are delicious extras with which you will make your cocktails truly special. Our coconut water can attenuate some liquors’ strong taste and add a sweet taste to your drinks. A freeze-dried pineapple ring on the edge of the glass – and voilà, a beautifully-looking tropical cocktail is ready! 

You are a fan of spicy cocktails? Then you must try our incredible ginger concentrate, which is going to make your longdrinks truly unforgettable. A beautiful last touch can bring a refreshing summer drink to another level, don’t you agree? Then you can try our lovely whole hibiscus flowers. 

Drink more without noticing: recipes for refreshing drinks

There are so many tricks that should help you drink more: write and stick post-its all around; place a glass of water next to your bed; keep a reusable bottle always in your bag or backpack. Our trick is surely more tasty, if not also more efficient: buy yourself drinks that you like so much that you won’t stop drinking them! We might know just the right shop for you, which will deliver your favourite and natural drinks in large packages and directly at your door. We are also going to include some recipes, to make, if possible, the deal even sweeter.

Homemade ice tea 

36°C and getting even hotter according to the forecast?? The only way to survive such days is to drink litres of deliciously refreshing ice tea. Unfortunately, the ice teas you find in the supermarket are often real sugar-bombs. We believe that homemade is always best – try a simple recipe with black tea, lemon, water and ice cubes, and keep on experimenting! Then only a sustainable glass straw is missing for the ultimate summer survival-kit.

Cold Brew and other coffee-related trends

Are you tired of the old-timer espresso and need a change in your coffee routine? Grab pen and paper then, because we are here to share with you some of the last coffee trends.. 

Have you ever heard of Bulletproof coffee? In the USA, some star athletes swear by the almost miraculous effects of this drink on your body. The recipe is easy: in a kitchen mixer, whip together a cup of hot coffee and a tablespoon of MCT oil. Yes, we know that the coffee and oil combination sounds funny, but its result is actually very similar to a creamier latte macchiato.

Another idea to spice up your coffee experience: cold brew coffee. Simply add cold water to your coffee in the French press, let it brew for about 12 hours, and then press it down. This coffee is going to be worth the wait! Cold brew coffee has a rounder and fuller taste, definitely a must-try! On KoRo you can find premium quality Arabica coffee which was processed with the cold brewing technique in mind.

Recipes with exotic juices

Our fruit juices, like those of cranberry or aronia, are wonderfully tasty both pure and as spritzers, but you can also try mixing them into your smoothies and porridge bowls to add an exotic touch and get your fill of vitamins. 

Speaking of exotic: our ice-cold coconut water with some orange or pineapple slices has the power to bring you directly to the most beautiful Caribbean island, if you only close your eyes.

If you crave the ultimate refreshment which will help go through another long summer day, freeze our ginger-apple juice or coconut water in ice cubes, which you will then add to your drinks, creating alcohol-free drinks for thirsty children and grown-ups.

Infused water with freeze-dried berries and fruits

To the lazy chefs among you: we have found the easiest recipe of all times for you. Prepare delicious drinks from plain water. Pour some water – sparkling or still, whichever you prefer – and add some of our freeze-dried raspberries to it. Done. You have made a fancy-looking and refreshing drink with virtually no effort. If raspberries are not your favourites, you can use our freeze-dried peach slices instead, or our dried pineapple chunks for a tropical taste. Fast, simple, and completely sugar-free!

Questions about our drinks 

We want to clarify all your doubts about our drinks. If you want to know something more specific regarding a product in particular, take a look at its specifications. If that does not provide you with the answers you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us per email or on our social media pages. We are more than happy to help!

Does KoRo sell decaffeinated coffee?

You love the taste of coffee and don’t want to do without your latte macchiato in the late afternoon or even evening? We have good news for you: KoRo offers to you coffee junkies a great option, whose taste is surprisingly close to the real thing! Our organic lupin coffee will amaze you. Made of organic roasted lupins, it arrives at your door already ground and ready to be used in your French press or filter coffee maker. Enjoy!

Which drinks can be made with no sugar? 

There’s no need for sugar to have a truly refreshing and thirst-quenching drink – as you might have experienced, drinking colas or sugary lemonades often leaves you more thirsty than before. There are plenty of sugar-free options out there, which will truly satisfy and refresh you in a natural way without having to compromise the taste. 

If you like it spicy, you must try our ginger concentrate, a true taste explosion which will surprise you in your tea or simply mixed with water.

In cold winter days you don’t have to rely on hot cocoa to warm you up. Tee will do, as our selection is so intense that you will not miss sugar. To wake you up in the morning and prepare you for the cold day ahead, our strong Sencha green tea is just perfect, and to relax you in the evening and make you ready for a good night of sleep, our chamomile will not let you down. Great taste with no sugar!

Which teas are good coffee substitutes?

The morning cappuccino takes you gently by the hand into the new day; the postprandial espresso helps fight that annoying food-coma; and a refreshing iced coffee in the afternoon sun is simply too pleasant a temptation to be resisted. In order to avoid a coffee overdose, you might want to replace some of it with a tea, once in a while. Do you think that nothing can compare to coffee? Wrong!

We have countless teas in our product selection capable of energising you just as the strongest of your coffees can. The chemical substance that gives coffee its name, caffeine, is exactly the same as thein. All the Breaking Bad fans will love its scientific name: C8H10N4O2. Thanks to this substance, some teas will awaken and stimulate you just like coffee does! The king of green teas is certainly our neon-green Yujin matcha – a real must-have for all the green tea fans. If you prefer the taste of black tea, then our premium-quality Darjeeling will not disappoint you; cultivated on the Himalayan foothills, this black tea variety is famous for its delicate but complex taste. Last but not least, our roasted mate, the South American drink that is now becoming more and more popular also in the West, is the go-to tea for those of you who jump rather than step into their days.

As much as we love tea, we must remind you that the caffeine percentage of black and green teas can be around 3,5 % – well above coffee’s, which is on average 2 %. Also, tea and coffee are differently effective, as thein is released once it reaches the intestines, while caffeine goes straight into the blood circulation after you drink coffee. Therefore the effect of coffee is immediately noticeable; coffee drinkers are normally more nervous than tea lovers, probably as a consequence of this different time of absorption.